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Improve your skills at our advanced training sessions, play competitive games, or join a team at one of the largest badminton clubs in Scotland.

  • Train and compete with other players of the same level
  • Participate in local and national competitions as part of Team EBA
  • Qualified and experienced coaches provide tailored feedback and advice.
badminton tournament players


Get rid of bad habits

For advanced players keen to hone their skills. Intense training sessions consisting of multi-feeding, single shuttle drills, and competitive match practice.

  • Intense multi-feeding to increase your fitness and consistency
  • Challenging single shuttle drills to refine your tactics
  • Learn advanced shots


Tough training for players who want to keep improving


Get challenging matches at our games sessions


Join our National League Teams and enter tournaments


We’re always looking for new players for our teams. We are involved in a number of competitions and play against teams from the whole of Scotland.

  • National Club League (Singles/Doubles/Mixed)
  • Lothian League (Doubles/Mixed)
  • Discounted entry to tournaments (Copper/Bronze/Silver/Singles League)
badminton tournament players

Looking to just play competitively? We have a number of options available to individuals looking to play competitive badminton.

  • Competitive team training and match practice sessions
  • Pay per session games sessions
  • Monthly Singles Leagues and ranked doubles tournament


We have a flexible monthly membership with no minimum contract. You pause or cancel at any time.

The monthly cost is based on which weekly sessions you’d like to join.

Having a membership gives you a reserved space at the sessions of your choice.

  • Swap between different sessions
  • No fixed term contract
  • Discounted entry to leagues and tournaments
  • 20% Student Discount

Monthly Pricing

£45/month for 2+ hour training sessions
£38/month for 1.5 hour training sessions
£30/month for Tuesday/Sunday games

20% discount for joining multiple sessions.

Pay Per Session

Pay per session is available to book here but please do read the description of a session to ensure it’s suitable before booking.

1 Session per week


  • Great for starting out
2 Sessions per week


  • For anyone keen to progress
3+ Sessions per week


  • Less than £6 per session

We’re working adding more sessions to this list as we return from COVID-19 and will be hosting taster sessions for new players to attend.


St. Georges School 8:30 to 10pm


Multifeeding, drills and match play for advanced adults and older juniors.

This session currently has space

St. Georges reopens from the 29th May but new players are welcome to sign up


Liberton High School 7:30 to 9:30pm

Team Session

Team training session for advanced, competitive adult players.

This session currently has space


Firrhill High School 7:30 to 9pm


Multifeeding, drills and match practice for advanced adults and older performance players.

This session currently has space


George Heriots 7.30 to 9pm


Multifeeding, drills and match play for advanced adults.

This session has limited spaces


Crags Centre 7.30 to 9pm


Training session for advanced players consisting of multifeeding & technical and tactical exercises.

This session has limited spaces


We are accepting new players although with COVID-19 if we have limited at a session we will prioritize returning members.

As a member you can mix and match coaching sessions as you wish. You’re welcome to book into different sessions each week.


You just need comfortable clothing and appropriate sports shoes. We provide all training shuttles and can lend rackets out as needed.

While our beginner and intermediate sessions are open to all, for advanced sessions we require players to be able to move around a court well and play most shots to a good level.

If you have any questions about ability please get in touch here.