Edinburgh Badminton Academy is more than just a badminton club. You can play, get coaching and feel welcomed by our session leaders.

At our club, our games and coaching sessions help you learn new skills, perfect your technique, and move your game to the next level.

  • Games or coaching sessions available
  • Refine the basics and then learn advanced technique, footwork, and tactics.
  • Qualified and experienced coaches provide tailored feedback and advice.
intermediate badminton coaching


Get rid of bad habits

Our sessions for intermediate players are designed to help you take the next step towards becoming an advanced player.

  • Fix bad habits
  • Perfect your badminton fundamental skills
  • Learn advanced shots


Tailored to your needs

You will work in a small group with one of our qualified and experienced coaches. Each session is 1.5 hours with coaching, drills and match practise.

  • Focus on areas of the game that are important to you.
  • Individual attention from coaches
  • Enjoy challenging matches and meet other players
badminton sessions for intermediate players


For regular players we have a flexible monthly membership based on the number of sessions you’d like to attend each week.

  • Swap between different sessions
  • No fixed term contract
  • Discounted tournament entry

Pay Per Session

Pay per session is available to book here but please do read the description of a session to ensure it’s suitable before booking.

£14 – coach led sessions

£10 – social/games sessions

1 Session per week


  • Reserved space at your session
  • Great for starting out
2 Session per week


  • Reserved space at your sessions
  • For anyone keen to progress
3+ Sessions per week


  • Reserved space at your sessions
  • Less than £8 per session

Wednesday 8 to 10pm
Mary Erskine's School

Games Only

Doubles games sessions for adult players

This session has limited spaces

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Check above for our availability above

As a member you can mix and match coaching sessions as you wish. You’re welcome to book into different sessions each week.

Yes you can book here although please read the description of sessions first to make sure it’s suitable for you.


You just need comfortable clothing and appropriate sports shoes. We provide all training shuttles.

We can lend out rackets for coaching sessions but you’ll need your own for games sessions.

Intermediate is a very wide category of players. The best thing to do is come to a session, see how you get on and we can advise you from there. We have groups for every level of player so we’ll definitely have sessions you’ll enjoy.

If you’ve played in a club or a league team on a regular basis we might suggest you move our more advanced training groups. However if you’re keen to work on fundamentals we can keep you in mid-level groups where there’s more focus on basics.

If you have any questions about ability please get in touch here.

When you sign-up as a member you’ll pay for one session upfront without having to committing to a full month!