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If you can’t find an answer or are still unsure, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

The FAQ is work in progress


We will reopen sessions as soon as restrictions are lifted and sports centres are open. We hope to have regular sessions back in September

Our COVID-19 players and parents guide is available on our app here.

We’re guided by SportsScotland and BadmintonScotland but will also add further precautions as we see fit.

Terrible timing meant that we missed out on the job retention scheme by two days (see Excluded UK for more details). We’ve relied on the generosity of players and parents who have continued membership payments. Without their support, the situation would have been dire.

If you would like to make a donation please get in touch here.


You can join whenever you like, we run all year round and are always looking for new members.

We have a convenient monthly membership that starts from £36 per month for juniors/students or £44 per month for adults to attend one session per week.

There’s also memberships for players wishing to attend 2 or 3+ sessions per week plus performance packages for those wanting to play at the highest level.

Our membership pricing takes school holidays into consideration. We average out the cost between all the weeks sessions are running. Even though some months there may only be 3 weeks of sessions, the standard pricing is already adjusted for it.

You are welcome to come to alternative sessions if your usual session isn’t on, eg if there’s no session one week, you could attend twice in another week.

Yes if you’re away for a month or more we can pause your membership until you’re back. Just get in touch here.

No, we are very flexible and you can swap between sessions by cancelling your booking and rebooking on the app.


Yes we can although it can be harder to find mixed partner. You can enter as partner wanted on the entry form.

Members get half price entry to doubles tournaments and discounted entry to singles leagues.

Copper events are slightly shorter and you should allow about 2.5 hours. For Bronze and Silver events you should allow between 2-4 hours (per event), which is dependent on how far you progress through the draw.

Singles Leagues for junior players take around 1.5 hours, and for adults it’s around 2 hours.

Use our tournament level finder feature here.

There is an overlap in abilities between our Copper, Bronze and Silver events. The way the draw is set out means you should always get at least a few games with players you are competitive with. The top Copper players are competitive with the weaker Bronze players, the top Bronze players are competitive with the weaker Silver players.

You don’t need to enter a specific division if you’d like to compete in a singles league event. We arrange players suitably.

If you are still unsure please feel free to get in touch and we can guide you.

For Singles League we ask you get your entry in 5 days before the event.

You can enter Copper, Bronze and Silver Doubles events up to one week before the day. Please be aware that it is common for these tournaments to fill up well before the deadline so it’s recommended you get your entry in as soon as possible.


For players on a performance package we offer much more with a customised programme, free kit and discounted individuals. There’s also reports each term that highlight areas to work on and videos for players and parents to watch.

Players must be committed and keen to progress. They must take every opportunity to enter competitions.

Our Elite programme has tougher requirements and an application is required.


With COVID-19 we can no longer lend out rackets but we can recommend where to buy your own.

They just need comfortable clothing, water bottle and appropriate sports shoes. We provide all training shuttles.

With COVID-19 we can no longer lend out rackets but we can recommend where to buy your own.

Almost any level or age of player fits into our sessions. At each class we split into groups where players of a similar age and level practise and play together.

Older junior players (14+) are also welcome to look at our sessions for older players. Players under the age of 8 should look at our Tiny Rackets sessions here.

While new players are welcome to join as regular members, we are temporarily pausing taster sessions due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 we anticipate parents won’t be allowed to stay in the sports hall and watch.

Normally parents are welcome to stay and watch their child from a distance. We do ask that you don’t interrupt sessions and leave your child to develop with the guidance of their coach.


You just need comfortable clothing, water bottle and appropriate sports shoes (we recommend Yonex badminton specific shoes for greater stability). We provide all training shuttles.

With COVID-19 we can no longer lend out rackets but we can recommend where to buy your own.

It’s a really tricky to know what level you are before you attend. The good news is that most of our sessions have a unique format where we split into small groups. It means we can have beginners with other beginners, advanced players with other experienced players.

On each page there is a session finder which will let you know which levels are at each session. When you come along to your first session we can quickly get an idea of which groups you’ll fit into and enjoy.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

With COVID-19 we aren’t running taster sessions as we need to be able to plan for social distancing. To join as a member just get in touch and let us know which session you’re interested in here.


A full list of locations will be added here.