Qing Yang was one of our earliest members, joining at the age of 6 at Crags Centre.

She quickly developed determination to improve and joined the performance programme a few years later.

Qing Yang currently trains with us 3-4 times per week with additional technical sessions arranged around tournaments and school work.

Photos from BadmintonScotland

  • U11 National Singles & Doubles Champion 2019
  • U11 National Doubles Champion 2018
  • GSOS U13 Doubles Champion & Singles Finalist 2020
  • West of Scotland U13 Doubles Champion & Mixed Finalist 2019
  • East of Scotland U13 Doubles Champion & Singles Finalist 2019
  • Midland U13 Doubles Champion & Mixed Finalist 2020


“I started playing badminton with EBA when I was 6 years old and really enjoy it. I love different sports such as swimming and cross country running, however badminton is absolutely one of my favourites.

Training with EBA is very enjoyable as I met lots of friends and playing with different players. There are lots of benefits learning and playing with EBA: very experienced coaches; flexible session times and working as a group.

Training in EBA can be very intensive however I feel full of fun after each session.”


We observed Qingyang is a very active girl who is full of energy and was keen to explore when she was a very young child.

We feel so lucky to know EBA and took Qingyang to this very young, fun, dynamic and enthusiastic group, a perfect combination of kids’ activity and sports. Qingyang has made incredible progress in the last five years with training in EBA not just badminton skill but most importantly self-disciplined, self-motivated, and staying calm when facing tough situations.

We understand the Scottish national U11 title has had all EBA coaches’ tremendous involvements and efforts.