Replaceable T-Shirt

Exchange sizes for up to two years

There’s no need to buy kit only to throw it out within a year. It’s estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.

Our replaceable T-shirts can be exchanged for new sizes for up to two years.

We wash and carefully check T-shirts before passing them to their next owner. Once a T-shirt is worn out we recycle them.

120cm – in stock
130cm – in stock
140cm – out of stock
150cm/XXS – in stock
160cm/XS – in stock
S – in stock
M – in stock
L – in stock
XL – in stock

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Once your child grows out of it, exchange it for a larger size.

You can do this for up to two years as long as you care for it.

Honestly? Not much.

We carefully check and wash each T-shirt that is exchanged and are very picky. If we think it doesn’t look new, we’ll recycle it instead.

Even with COVID-19, we think it’s better to reuse and reduce our consumption than buy new.

We have a variety of blue, black and navy striped T-shirts but stock will change over time so you might end up with a slightly different style.

Yes, please get in touch here and we’ll give you a discount if it’s in good condition.

  • Wash inside out at 40 degrees
  • Don’t tumble dry