Edinburgh Badminton Academy is becoming a non-profit Social Enterprise from January 2020! We will be re-investing all profits back into Badminton and the Edinburgh community.

    We will be focusing on many new projects in the coming year such as targeting women and girls in sport, disability badminton and enabling accessibility for players from low income families.

    At EBA we have always offered a 40% junior discount to parents who would otherwise struggle to pay the fees. We think finance shouldn’t be a barrier to kids getting involved with sport.

    We have an emphasis on making our sessions a friendly and comfortable environment for girls who may otherwise be hesitant to get involved with sport. We’re conscious of the latest research into why females are less represented in sport and provide our coaches with awareness on the topic. We also ensure a high proportion of our coaches are female as we feel role models and representation is massive for the younger girls at our club.

    Becoming a social enterprise feels like a great move for us as it aligns our model with the values that were already present in the club. We are excited to see what 2020 brings and the new options becoming a social enterprise brings.